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TWISTER… Ride It Out

Twister... Ride It Out at Universal Studios Florida.

Twister... Ride It Out at Universal Studios Florida.

New York.

Restrictions and access
None; has Express Pass access.

Two sentence insider summary
Based on the 1996 movie starring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, this indoor, walk-through attraction allows you to experience the creation of a real-life tornado right before your very eyes and ears.

Fear factor
4 out of 5. High rating because the tornado sequence is very loud.

Wait times
If you ever see a wait time longer than 10 minutes, call me.

What you wish you knew before you experienced it
The end sequence demonstrates what happens when a tornado strikes the small town of Wakita, Oklahoma. Like T2, there is a boom at the end!

OI fun fact
Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt refused to be in the same room when the video was being filmed for this attraction (who knows what they were fighting about). If you pay attention you will notice that they are never in the same camera shot.

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New York backlot at Universal Studios Florida Twister... Ride It Out at Universal Studios Florida This indoor, walk-through attraction allows you to experience the creation of a real-life tornado right before your very eyes and ears. SKU UPC Model

Not as I remembered

Dec 09, 2014 by Crystal Howard
Date Of Last Visit: 12/9/2014 

I remember going on this back in the early 2000's and really enjoyingit. I was severely disappointed this time. The super cheesy introduction was the best part.

old and needs replaced

Aug 14, 2014 by phillip painter
Date Of Last Visit: July 2013 

we have been on this couple of times over the last 4 years, not worth doing, worse ride than jaws was, should be the next one universal replaces.

There is nothing to ride...

Jul 27, 2014 by Jonathan Spillman
Date Of Last Visit: July 2014 

Twister...Ride it Out. Except it's an actual walk through attraction. Not worth the time.


May 27, 2014 by Jacqui H.
Date Of Last Visit: 02/22/2014 

There was too much pre-show and not enough actual show. I think I expected more wind. Overall, I think think this can be skipped.

A Long Wait for the Good Part!

May 26, 2014 by Mark Howson
Date Of Last Visit: May 2012 

This is an average ride, but absolutely worth doing once. The 'closing number' is a fun, simulated twister with water effects, wind and flying animals that might not be the most technologically advanced scene anymore, but is certainly good fun (stick around and slowly exit the room, you might even get a chance to see the town put itself back together again!).

Unfortunately, the somewhat exciting finale is let down by a boring start, with footage from the 90s movie and walk throughs. This does keep the queue time down (you're not going to have to wait long for this ride) but also means it can take a while to get to the grand finale.

Put out to pasture with the cows!

May 26, 2014 by Matthew Myers
Date Of Last Visit: 5/24/2014 

Too much pre-show not enough show. The extended video intro with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt is too long and frankly doesn't give enough meat/science to keep your interest. There have been so many tornado breakouts since this was filmed that to revisit this one, just seems silly and small.

After the video intro, the "riders" file into the storm room to watch the town be destroyed by a tornado. The special effects haven't aged well, they felt slow and clunky. More wind and rain would've really ratched up the dread in the room, more science and actual clips of damage would've helped too.

Worst part is, you're standing the entire time, so you can't just sit, shut your eyes and enjoy the AC for awhile.

I say, skip it, you're not missing anything.

Only if you Twist my Arm

May 26, 2014 by Kelly-Louise
Date Of Last Visit: June 2012 

This is by far Universal's worst 'ride' (I wouldn't even call it that'. Not sure pointless covers it. Not sure many people actually remember this film. Anyway you watch a few videos, walk through this house, where the shining plays (don't know why) and then are supposedly going to experience a real tornado, when really it is a virtual flying cow, a breeze, some water and an unexpected floor drop (best part really, you now know you're still living). Personally I love the gift shop, I like cows and they're are LOADS of cow related items. Cuddly cows, decorative cows and even cow cutlery and washing equipment. Each and every time Universal announce a new ride I always hope it is to replace Twister something really great could take that place, something more updated and recent that everyone could enjoy.

Blown out

May 26, 2014 by Janet Riley
Date Of Last Visit: 3/5/14 

Bill Paxton's monotonous voice leads you through to the 'set' where special effects show the effect of a tornado on a small town. It would be more fun to walk through the second room in high wind. Very dated given the special effects now available. A ride with screens showing things coming at you or the effect of being picked by the Twister would be good.

Its Okay

May 26, 2014 by raquel perez
Date Of Last Visit: 3/23/2014 

I was standing on the lower level towards the right of the stage and it was not what I was expecting, at all. It seems as if the people on the top center of the stage had a better time because they get wet and a little fright. Overall it was okay although I will not go back to that "ride". If you do try to get to the top row center of the stage.

Gift shop more interesting than attraction itself

May 26, 2014 by Josie K.
Date Of Last Visit: May 18th, 2014 

While I think the gift shop is adorable, I feel that the "ride" is rather a waste of time. Even at a short wait time, you still have to stand through two different rooms of pre-show video before you get to the main room of the attraction. Once you get in, all you do is stand and watch a "tornado" hit a town. The most exciting part is when the floor beneath you shifts down a bit at the very end, and the most entertaining bit is if you manage to lag behind and watch the town put itself back together.

In my opinion, it's definitely not a priority when hitting the parks, and I'll only do it if I've already done everything else and still have plenty of time.

Felt more like a Documentary!

May 25, 2014 by Cory Linton
Date Of Last Visit: June 2013 

I was actually looking forward to experiencing this one, having seen and enjoyed the movie when I was a teen (yes, dating myself a bit). The problem is they spend WAY too much time showing you boring videos of Bill Paxton TALKING about Twisters instead of putting you in the middle of one. It reminded me of those videos they show in school that you head nod your way to...trying desperately not to fall asleep. The actual experience...at the very end, was fun, but by the time we got to it, I was just ready to move on. This one, I'd say is a skip.

Don't prioritise!

May 25, 2014 by Lauren Mitchell
Date Of Last Visit: April 2014 

I actually quite enjoy this attraction, although it isn't one I excited about prior to visiting the park or when planning my trip. For years, Twister was an attraction that my family and I would walk past on our trips, possibly because it is not something that may appeal to a family with young girls. However, after watching and becoming a fan of the movie 'Twister', it caught my eye and my curiosity convinced me to have a go. Definitely not as thrilling as a roller coaster or as interactive as Disaster, it is still quite entertaining and enjoyable and if you've got a spare 10 minutes when visiting Universal, try it out.

Bill Paxton Hip Move

May 25, 2014 by Anastasia
Date Of Last Visit: July 14, 2013 

This attraction has some ups and downs. The walk through at the beginning doesn't really add to the experience. You are walking through a themed line area from room to room, hearing interesting facts about tornados (some really terrible facts too) but it isn't delivered in a way that makes visitors want to listen. They want to move to the next room as quickly as possible and they tend to talk over the voices. Bill Paxton perpetually stands with his hip stuck out to one side. Not sure if that was his choice of the directors but it is shockingly distracting from the information he is supposed to be delivering!

The tornado experience itself is kind of cool to watch and feel. The special effects are outdated but still evoke screams from guests. Overall, it is a classic attraction that could use some work (as most semi-outdated things could).

Worn out

May 25, 2014 by Universal Bob
Date Of Last Visit: 14 June 2013 

Not much good I can say about Twister. The pre-show is long and boring. It felt like a science class instead of a ride. The show looked very tired and not much excitement. I think Universal should consider something else for this space.


May 25, 2014 by Adriana Morales
Date Of Last Visit: June 23rd 2014 

Well I have read really bad reviews, but let me tell you something, this ride is cool, I remember the 120' lines back in 1998' of course the movie was new and the ride was a must to see, now most people don't remember or know the movie, maybe that is why they don't like it, the flying cow, rocks!!! So as an alternative, and to skip from the long lines, I recommend you to go to Twister ride, and enjoy the effects, they are amazing :)

Hated it

May 24, 2014 by Jennifer O'Connor
Date Of Last Visit: Oct. 2010 

I wish I could give this 0 stars. This attraction is a joke & should be at the top of the list to replace. I was bored to tears by the pre-show. I kept expecting something to happen in the main attraction, but it was incredibly weak.


Dated, But a Cool Show

May 24, 2014 by Wendy Dever
Date Of Last Visit: September 7th, 2013 

I have not seen the Twister movie, but the ride seems like a good show, and honestly, the concept is a good one. An earthquake simulation is what should be made for a movie about earthquakes. It is starting to date though. The effects could be more modern, but I am sure this would be a huge draw in the nineties. I would suggest for everyone to check this out, because it is a nice attraction, and I doubt it will be around five years from now.


May 24, 2014 by Kevin
Date Of Last Visit: January 21, 2014 

Sorry, but I have to disagree with most of the reviews on this attraction. It feels very dated and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets added to the chopping block as Universal continues to put in new attractions.

First and foremost, it's important to understand that this isn't a ride. Everyone crams into a room and you get to watch a "F5 Tornado" hit a town. Signs get blown over, power lines get snapped, you witness and feel heat from an explosion, see a very cheesy cow fly by, and the overhang from where you are standing gets yanked back. It's over very quickly.

Back when it first opened, the effects were probably cool, but now it just feels old and cheesy.

I'd rather just rent the movie the attraction is based on. To me at least, the movie better simulates being in a tornado then the attraction does.

Is It Getting Soft?

May 24, 2014 by napnap
Date Of Last Visit: 10/13 

The first time that I went on this ride in 2005, the wind force was so strong that it blew my shirt straight up. The last time that I went, it barely put my hair out of place. I had higher expectations from the previous visits for a more realistic experience.


May 24, 2014 by Howie Mapson
Date Of Last Visit: 5/19/14 

Being from Oklahoma, I appreciated this ride more than anything. It was really fun during the twister reenactment. The movie was pretty bad though. Also, can the gift shop not be so darn hillbilly?


May 24, 2014 by Howie Mapson
Date Of Last Visit: 5/19/14 

Being from Oklahoma, I appreciated this ride more than anything. It was really fun during the twister reenactment. The movie was pretty bad though. Also, can the gift shop not be so darn hillbilly?


May 01, 2014 by Sebastian
Date Of Last Visit: December 2013 

This is the most underrated ride at Universal Orlando Resort BY FAR. I think it's awesome and it's a classic. I find it incredibly entertaining and I really apreciated the pre-show. Everytime I go, I ride Twister and I never get bored.


Mar 20, 2014 by Marc
Date Of Last Visit: 10/31/2013 

I've always enjoyed this ride. I cant put my finger on it, but it's a must do for me every time. I get that it's old and repetitive. And I do wish they would update it but I love the movie and this experience. I much prefer this over Disaster, which is the only ride I don't enjoy at Universal Orlando.

Let It Go

Mar 18, 2014 by Jonathan
Date Of Last Visit: 7/15/12 

When I experienced this as a child, it scared me. Many years down the road, I returned to Universal as an adult and this seemed to be one of the areas of the park that has been forgotten about. In order to continue to edge past Disney in the theme-park competition that has been rejuvenated in recent years, Universal should really consider closing Twister to make way for a RIDE of some sort(please not another simulator). Twister appears out-dated because it is. Pretty fair movie, an average attraction.

Ride it before it goes

Nov 11, 2013 by Neil Sevarino
Date Of Last Visit: 12/15/12 

The first two times this was good, but now it is on the end of the list. Will do it if we get everything else in. It was a classic, but I think it has become outdated and is not one that will last, so I would say, experience it now and see before it gets replaced.

Becoming a Classic

Nov 10, 2013 by Michelle
Date Of Last Visit: Nov 5 2013 

We were unsure what to expect with this one and talked to the staff person who explained everything very well. it was interesting an surprisingly intense without being an actual ride. I would recommend it for a breather between some of the bigger coasters.


Nov 10, 2013 by Maggie
Date Of Last Visit: 11/8/2013 

This is one of my absolute favorite rides at Universal. It is so detailed and the show takes my breath away. Every time. You get to be at the Drive In scene of the movie and witness a tornado. I even got scared the first time I rode it. From hot to cold, dry and wet, and a fun drop if you get to be in the lower row. I know it's an older attraction, but I would be highly disappointed if it were to go.

Interestingly real

Nov 09, 2013 by Samantha
Date Of Last Visit: 6/2013 

We are stationed up in kansas at the moment. To say the least we hear the sounds of the ride quite often. The pre show is pretty awesome. The waiting area is very detailed, and the minute the sirens go off, your heart starts to pound, and some kids cry. It is very loud, but it'd the sound we hear all season back home. Once in the ride the show starts, right down to the smell. The attraction is pretty old, but has held up well. Sure the cow is cheesy but funny at the same time. This attraction is often overlooked, but it is worth the small trip, at least on a hot day you get a nice breeze!

Time to go

Oct 19, 2013 by Chris
Date Of Last Visit: 10/18/2013 

It is time for this ride to be retired. From the day this attraction opened I think it has taken up space that could be better used. Sad really

Classic Ride

Oct 14, 2013 by Kristen
Date Of Last Visit: 09/01/2013 

If you're used to the thrills and effects of some of Universal's newer rides, you may be a bit disappointed by this one.

It is one of Universal's older attractions, and you can tell.

However, I found it to be worth checking out at least once during your visit. You do get a good feel of what it would be like to experience an extreme storm.

I found it brought out the inner-actor in me because I used the expreience and my surroundings to feel what my emotions and reactions would be to be filming a portrayal of one of these storms, like they did in Twister, and that, I think, is what made it cool for me.

Although, the cow flying across the stage was more good for a laugh than a shock factor! :-P

Blustery Fun.... Once.

Aug 12, 2013 by Ann

This attraction is SO much fun the first time you experience it... and then it's just okay.

As a die-hard movie fan, Twister is obviously a must-see for any wannabe movie fan. It was exciting to see an entire attraction devoted to the movie. It was even more exciting to see a tornado recreated before your very eyes.

I don't want to spoil the end, but I will say that the end is pretty cool. I think this attraction is a must-see for a first time visit to Universal Orlando. Unfortunately, it doesn't pack enough thrills to bring you back after you've experienced it once.

Surviving an F5

Aug 11, 2013 by Dana H.

This is an awesome experience that everyone must have. The wind and all the visual stuff going on during the simulation is right from the movie. There's the drive-in with the movie screen and the snack bar. When there is an explosion the heat on your face is amazing. We really like it when the cow flies around in front of us, and that tornado that they create right in front of us is so awesome. It makes me want to reach out and touch it. The entire experience is always great. It is always on our list of things to do when we are there. People say that this ride needs to go away, but I hope it stays for a long, long time. This ride has sentimental value to me and my family. We live in Oklahoma City and that is right around the middle of Tornado Alley. We have seen many tornados and have had a very close call once. The last one was about a mile from our house and it was an F5. One the scariest moments of my life.


Aug 10, 2013 by Maria Barandica

Boring. This attraction needs to be retired.

Twister Time

Jul 03, 2013 by Cindy

Fans of the movie or those with kids who are interested in natural disasters will enjoy this experience. While it is not a ride it is still entertaining. The queue area represents a sideways house that was knocked over during a tornado and it is kind of fun to play "I Spy" with all of the strange little details the designers came up with. The best viewing spots will be in the front row where you may actually get a bit wet and feel the full force of the wind generated during the simulated storm. Little ones might want to skip this part as it is quite realistic and a bit scary for those with vivid imaginations. A fun and safe way to experience the mystique of a tornado.

For the youth

Jul 02, 2013 by Christina C

If I had young kids, I think this "ride" would be more enjoyable. I liked it, but I will probably skip it in the future.

You get to watch a old special effects of a tornado hitting a town. It is pretty neat how realistic certain aspects are, but you can tell it is really outdated. I think this is one of the rides that needs to be renovated to something else.

What it did do a good job of was introducing the movie Twister to people who might otherwise have never heard of it. I know I've never heard of the movie, but I want to watch it now. They had a short movie at the beginning talking about the making of the movie and it was good.


Jul 02, 2013 by Julie McCray

My husband and I first experienced this ride in 2000, and we were really impressed. Our 8 year old nephew was with us and we could literally feel his heart pounding when the twister came through. This year we were excited to take our own sons to this attraction. It was not really as powerful as we remembered. I can't help but wonder if in Universal's long term planning, this attraction will be on the chopping block so they are not repairing or maintaining elements of the ride as they wear out. The wait for this attraction is virtually non-existent even at peak park times, and I would not be surprised to see it replaced.

Twist and Shout!

Jul 02, 2013 by Natalie

Fun ride, once you get to the end. We walked in right as they were corralling the last of the people into the first room.

There is a LOT of Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. So much, in fact, that it loses a star. Too long in the room, learning about the movie and tornadoes. Kinda interesting to adults, but my kids (and all the ones around us) got bored rather quickly.

After the videos, they herd you into a "set" of a town about to get hit by a Twister. Hang toward the right, and if you're one of the last people to go in, you'll be more toward the front and can see the twister better.

Inside, the effects are super cool... love the movie theater playing horror movies! It's a quick, but very entertaining show! At the end, something happens that made me shout, but I'll save that as a surprise! :)

2.6 5.0 37 37 I remember going on this back in the early 2000's and really enjoyingit. I was severely disappointed this time. The super cheesy introduction was the best part. Twister... Ride It Out at Universal Studios Florida
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