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The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Marvel Superhero Island.

Restrictions and access
40 inches; has Express Pass access and a single rider line.

Two sentence insider summary
When it opened, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man was considered a huge technological achievement, combining 3-D film, ride movement, and special effects for the very first time. Despite being over 10 years old, Spider-Man is still an incredible theme park experience, and one that you will likely want to experience over and over — especially since it is even more detailed after its HD upgrade in 2012 (more info below).

Fear factor
3 out of 5. Lots of motion and special effects, but this one really manages to be far more entertaining than scary.

Wait times
With the HD upgrade, lines are usually around 45 to 60 minutes on moderate to busy days. During really busy times you might see that number climb above 60 — if so, don’t forget that there’s a single rider line!

What you wish you knew before you experienced it
Even though this is a simulator style ride somewhat like Forbidden Journey, its motions are much more traditional. This makes it very family-friendly, and yet it’s still very thrilling!

OI fun fact
Look for a Stan Lee cameo toward the end of the ride!


Spider-Man refurb press release:

Already one of the most popular and innovative theme park attractions ever created, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal’s Islands of Adventure continues to raise the bar for theme park entertainment – combining advanced motion-based ride vehicles, 3-D digital film and live special effects to create an unparalleled ride experience. It is widely acknowledged as one of the best theme park experiences in the world – and it’s about to get mind-blowingly better.

The newly reanimated, high-definition experience will unfold within the attraction’s towering visual spaces – taking on even larger than larger-than-life proportions. The new digital animation – combined with the new Infitec system and new set enhancements – will transform what is already one of the most technologically advanced attractions ever created into what will feel like an all-new experience.

Facts about the enhanced ride experience:

  • All-new digital animation done in 4K high definition – the highest HD resolution available
  • The new HD animation will allow guests to experience details they’ve never been able to before – from the flames spewing from Hobgoblin’s pumpkins to the electricity arching through Electro’s body to the stitching on Spider-Man’s gloves.
  • To take advantage of new HD clarity and detail, Universal Orlando is adding entirely new details to the film – and leaving it up to guests to find them.

“Guests will not believe their eyes when they experience the new Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man,” said Thierry Coup, senior vice president of the Universal Creative Studio. “We are talking about a larger-than-life environment and the HD animation will make it even more remarkable than it has been. It will seem brand-new.”

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Marvel Super Hero Island at Universal's Islands of Adventure The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is considered a huge technological achievement, combining 3-D film, ride movement, and special effects. SKU UPC Model

spider man

Jul 16, 2014 by phillip painer
Date Of Last Visit: 7/13 

excellent ride, i think better than transformers, all ages will enjoy this attraction, it's a must see and do

Universal's Best

Jul 13, 2014 by Patrick
Date Of Last Visit: 7-12-14 

This ride is easily the best experience the brilliant team at Universal has ever produced. The ride first opened with the park in 1999 and was well ahead of its time. The high definition upgrade it received a few years back really gave it new life to further enhance the experience. I've been on this ride numerous times since about 2003 and it has never gotten old. The ride is appealing to not only young children, but also to teenagers and adults. This is not only the best ride at Universal but probably the best ride made by anyone period.

Spidey Does It Again

May 26, 2014 by Alysha Rankin
Date Of Last Visit: 06/13 

We are all big fans of Spiderman, both the new and old films will always be one of our favourites! We have been on both of the versions of the ride many times! The old ride was equally as entertaining however the new one seems to have more of a special and more innovate edge.

The queuing for us is one of our favourites, this is because you see inside the Daily Bugle! This is for sure a ride for all of the family! You will find yourself helping spiderman through the city! You feel like you are actually there and the ride is very interactive and fun to be on!!

We also love the gift shop after the ride, there are many spiderman and marvel related gifts and souvenirs to purchase. The que of the ride is often shorter than some of the big coasters, and most of the queuing is inside which is a massive bonus when it is warm!!


May 26, 2014 by Arlene J
Date Of Last Visit: 03/09/2014 

I love Spiderman! It has so many characters that comic book lovers will enjoy.

The only downside to this ride is that it is a bit bumpy for me. A lot goes on on this ride, and geesh sometimes it gets me woozy afterwards! Other than that, the plot is great! Makes you feel like you\'re actually there!

Look Out, Here Comes The Spider-Man

May 26, 2014 by Jim Hayes
Date Of Last Visit: September 2010 

I'm a little biased on this ride because I'm a longtime, die-hard comic book fan, especially of Spider-Man. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is my favorite 3-D ride. From start to finish, it just feels like you're part of the action along with ol' Spidey. You got his back and he's got yours. I make sure that when I'm in Marvel Superhero Island, that I do this ride every time. I recommend this for anybody that's a fan of Mr. Webhead or that doesn't want to get on an extreme roller coaster. This ride is a lot of fun and I can't wait to check it out this December with all the new updates since I was last there.

Just as advertised - Amazng!

May 25, 2014 by Cory Linton
Date Of Last Visit: June 2013 

I\'ve got to be honest. As excited as I was to visit the Universal parks for the very first time last summer, I was quite skeptical about these so called \"simulator rides\" featured in both parks. So imagine my amazement when we went on Spiderman\'s journey along with Spidey himself in a fully immersive experience, complete with water and heat effects and movements so realistic, I screamed my head off as we plunged to our death from a very tall building before being saved by our hero, Spiderman. Unbelievable what the park has been able to accomplish with the use of modern technology. It was fun, thrilling, fast paced and action-packed, and you could experience it all without being forced to get over a fear of heights, like with riding roller coasters.

I\'m a coaster fan, my girlfriend is not...so it was quite pleasing to be able to still get a rush while accommodating her need to stay closer to the ground. The size and scope of the screen beats out any IMAX experience I\'ve ever taken in as well. Imax boasts the ability to put you \"in a movie\", this ride actually delivers that.

One of favorites

May 25, 2014 by Tabatha McFadden
Date Of Last Visit: July 25, 2013 

We have rode this ride several times. The kids always want to ride this ride every time we go. They love it!! You feel like you are really in the movie. Very authentic.

not so amazing

May 25, 2014 by Tara Jones
Date Of Last Visit: 4/26/2014 

Spiderman is one of those rides that I don't mind skipping when I visit Islands of Adventure. The motion simulation makes me feel queasy, and I am not a big Spiderman fan, so I will only ride this one if my whole family wants to go and the line is really short. I think the ride is well done overall, but it's not one of my must-do rides.


May 25, 2014 by Wendy Dever
Date Of Last Visit: September 7th, 2013 

It says it right in the title, this ride is A-MAZ-ING! I have been on this many times, and the first time, I was not even a Spider-Man fan. Since then I have become a fan of the movies, and that is probably because I love the ride so much!

It is a high-energy, action-packed journey through a Spider-Man battle. You get to see many characters from the comic books and movies, and see some great action right before your eyes. It is even in 3D now, so that makes it even more awesome!

The most astonishing thing is that this ride has been at Islands of Adventure since the park opened, and it doesn\'t look dated in the slightest. It still draws extreme crowds, so I usually go in the single-rider line.

The only negative thing I have to say about the ride is that, one time I was on it, it broke down. The screens went black, and the car went to the end in the dark. So, I give it 5 stars, as long as it works.

Amazing Ride

May 24, 2014 by Universal Bob
Date Of Last Visit: 13 June 2013 

I'm a BIG Spidey fan and this ride did not disappoint me. The graphics were out of this world along with the story, it was a great ride. The ride is smooth and doesn't jerk you around too much. En ding is great. Hint: look for Stan Lee in the background.

Our Fav Ride

May 24, 2014 by Diane Burnett
Date Of Last Visit: Oct 2013 

Of all the amazing rides at universal this is one of my favourite's and my sons favourite, such a smooth ride with amazing effects, a ride that the whole family can enjoy together and really enjoy. When we heard that is was to be improved a few tears ago we didn't think it could get any better but Universal you did another amazing job We Love It x

Realistic to the max!

May 24, 2014 by Elysia Benn
Date Of Last Visit: 10th November 2013 

One of the smoothest simulator style rides ever. This is perfect for any age. I am not a marvel fan and therefore don't feel that you have to be one to enjoy the ride. The 3D element makes everything so much more realistic and the fact that the ride, unlike other simulator style, is actually on a track too, just adds to the realism. There is so much detail that has been put into this, and it is my mission this year when I return to ride it to locate some hidden things included Stan Lee himself who I have heard is hidden in the ride a fair few times. Also, if you see the cinema number, I dare you to ring it ;)

Through an eleven year olds eyes.

Apr 21, 2014 by Harrison
Date Of Last Visit: Dec 2013- Jan 2014 

Being an eleven year old on this ride is amazing! No moves are sudden and it doesn't jolt rapidly, which is good because some people may have a problem of simulation rides.... But actually, this ride is not a problem! If you can ride this then you can go on transformers, the Simpsons, minion mayhem!

An AMAZING ride for the Amazing Spiderman

Nov 11, 2013 by Andrew
Date Of Last Visit: 2013 

This is by far one of the best rides at I.O.A. You swoop through the city jumping building to bulding with the Amazing Spiderman fighting the evil villans. The way the 3D and live action comes together is top notch. The new enhancement of this ride has made it even better than before, which I didnt think was even possible. This is one ride you will leave I.O.A and be telling everyone about. Unfortunetly there is sometimes a decent wait for this ride but I recommend buying the Express Pass.

Amazing Adventures

Nov 10, 2013 by Michelle
Date Of Last Visit: Nov. 2 2 013 

We are fans, and this is a amazing ride. Much detail and effort was put out there for the die-hard Spider-man fans. I suggest riding it at least two times. I caught more details each time we rode it. They have a great gift shop at the end too.

It really is amazing

Nov 10, 2013 by Neil Sevarino
Date Of Last Visit: 12/15/2012 

We go about every 2 years to Florida and this is one ride I will not miss. It really is amazing and the update made it even better. I make sure I do this ride several times and it is one ride we talk about to friends. I definite ride that once you experience you will not forget. Do it.

Mandatory to ride if you go to Islands of Adventures

Nov 08, 2013 by Bruce S Benzing
Date Of Last Visit: 9/27/2013 

I remember the 1st trip I took to Orlando back in 2007. I purchased a 7 day Universal ticket and would go just to ride this ride.

This year, I went to see the new enhancements and they make a perfect ride even better.

This is one reason i have to visit IOA...

Let your inner comic geek run free

Aug 12, 2013 by Scot

This is situated in the middle of the mecca for all comic geeks. The theme and detail is great thru the entire ride, the ride surpassed even that in terms of detail. It touches upon several parts of the Spiderman history and gallery of villains while providing a fun ride with some excitement... and because its Spiderman a little bit of comedy. Ride it and enjoy being immersed in the world of Spiderman.... then ride it a few more times to satisfy your inner comic geek and thrill junkie.


Aug 11, 2013 by Bianca Nunez

there are so many rides you only ride once but this one isnt one . im not a huge roller coaster fan or daredevil one but this one I love :)

The Greatest Ride of All Time

Aug 11, 2013 by Adam Relayson

There aren't many rides that I can ride endlessly, over and over again. Most you do once per trip.

I think my record for Amazing Spider-man is 4 times in one trip. It is- without a trace of hyperbole- the best theme park attraction of all time.

It's a 3D ride that uses perspective, much like Disney's Star Tours. You travel around the city of New York being attacked by supervillains. At every turn you face death, only to be narrowly saved by the Amazing Spider-man. From the sewers of the city to the New York skyline, you'll be facing adventure at every turn.

A few years ago, the ride was revamped in high definition 3D, making the visuals even more impressive than ever.

As a life-long comic book fan, this ride is nearly everything I could want from a theme park ride. Loads of fun, with those touches of hardcore nerdiness (look for The Clone Saga marquis) there just for the fans like me.


The Amazing Adventures Of Spider-Man

Aug 11, 2013 by Dallas Thompson

This is one of my favorites at Islands of Adventure. I give it only a 4/5 because of the line. The queue isn't very entertaining, and is often pretty long. Once you get past that, the ride is amazing, especially with the new 4K projections that are there now. Overall, I recommend riding, but not when it has a long line.

One of My Favorite IOS Rides

Aug 11, 2013 by Sandra

I love The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man! It is one of my favorite rides at IOA. The line snakes through the Daily Bugle newsroom, so even the line is a bit interesting (although the looping cartoon gets a bit old). It was updated a few years ago -- although it was plenty good before the update!

The ride does knock you about a bit (a lot of the rides at IOA do that). I have a bad back so I always think twice about doing this ride -- and then I do it anyway! It is just so much fun! There is fire, lots of scenes and favorite bad guys. Just loads of fun. This is one ride you should not miss if you visit IOA.

Fun Fun Fun

Aug 10, 2013 by Diana Weiss

Spider Man has always been big in my house. I have 3 boys. We have also had so much fun on the Ride back before they changed it. I wasn't too happy to see the change on the scene with the Statue of Liberty's torch, but we all agree that it is better now. I can go through the whole ride and speak along with the characters. LOL Can't wait to go back!

OH, just a little tip that lots of people don't know about. There is a little room inside by the exit that's called child swap. This room has saved me so many times as my kids were growing up. Use it! Respect it! Enjoy!

The AMAZING Adventures Of Spider-Man

Jul 13, 2013 by Jacob Goodman

When you thought the Amazing Adventures Of Spider-man were good in 2011 or any year before that, well a lot of people's dreams came true in 2012. The Amazing Spider-Man got even better! With its great CGI, the heart pounding action, and just the feeling of being able to grab the Web Heads hand and swing away is phenomenal. And the icing on the cake is Stan Lee's multiple appearances in the ride making true comic book fans laugh with joy. Thus making this ride the best at Universal Studios Orlando Florida.

The incredible adventures of Spider-Man B-)

Jul 13, 2013 by Lexie

Once you are in The Amazing Spider-Man roller coaster , I don\'t think you\'re going to want the ride to end. While the ride is going on you are going to feel like you are in the INCREDIBLE action with Spider-Man especially because IT\'S IN 3D! I hope you enjoy this ride as much as you can.

Since I stepped on this ride I never wanted to get off I LOVE IT! ENJOY THE RIDE GUYS! :-)

Amazed by the Amazing Spiderman

Jul 12, 2013 by Mike Ankcorn

I\'ve been in a Spiderman comic! Was all I could say after my first ride Spiderman. From my first time on this ride to the last time I rode it. The ride still thrill\'s me like no other at Universal, and I can\'t wait to ride it again this October. From the front entrance, to the queuing area to the ride it self. Everything has been thought out to give the rider the idea and thrill of being in their own comic adventure.

If you haven\'t been on this ride, do it on your next visit. You won\'t regret it!

Amazing Ride that beats much of Disney World

Jul 11, 2013 by Tom S

This ride is an amazing simulator ride with good animation even on the Original Ride. The ride is smooth with cool twists and turns for the Marvel fan including Villians not seen in the comic for a decade. Look forward to seeing this again sometime soon.

It's Amazing!

Jul 07, 2013 by Ann

This ride has become a must-do during my yearly trip to Orlando. The architects of the attraction have done a masterful job at making the wait in line almost as entertaining as the attraction itself. My husband and I always have lots of fun and have taken some pretty great pictures of us clowning around in Spiderman queue.

Pay attention to the special detail inside the newsroom! The motivational posters are hilarious! The HD addition has only served to enhance the already fun experience. Even if you're not a big fan of Spiderman, this attraction is still worth your time.

4.8 5.0 28 28 excellent ride, i think better than transformers, all ages will enjoy this attraction, it's a must see and do The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
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