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Richter’s Burger Co. (quick-service)

Richter's Burger Co. at Universal Studios Florida.

Richter’s Burger Co. at Universal Studios Florida.

San Francisco.

Quick-service restaurant specializing in — you guessed it — burgers!

Two sentence insider summary
Richter’s Burger Co. is filled with earthquake memorabilia matching the San Francisco theme of the area and the Disaster! A Major Motion Picture Ride… Starring YOU attraction nearby. Even though its menu is simple (three burgers, one chicken sandwich, and a salad), the venue is striking in its industrial interior, disaster-themed props, and available seating on two floors and outside along the USF lagoon.

Entrees are $7 to $14 per person.

Sample menu
The Big One Cheeseburger $7.79
The Aftershock Double Cheeseburger $9.19
The Fault Line Garden Burger $7.29
Burgers can be customized with bacon, extra cheese, onion, and sauteed mushroom for an additional cost
The San Andreas Grilled Chicken Sandwich $8.49
The Richter Scale Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast $8.49

OI fun fact
Across from the order counter there is a surprisingly large statue, upside down, with its head buried in the ground. This is a replica of the fallen statue of geologist Louis Agassiz. The statue tumbled down outside the Stanton University Zoology building during the infamous 1906 San Francisco earthquake and has since become an iconic image of the event (there are two photographs of the actual fallen statue in the restaurant). Learn more

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San Francisco backlot at Universal Studios Florida Richter's Burger Co. Richter's Burger Co. is filled with earthquake memorabilia and the largest burgers you can get on property. SKU UPC Model

Richter's and Freestyle

May 26, 2014 by Alysha Rankin
Date Of Last Visit: 06/13 

After a long enjoyable morning in Universal Studios, we had to find somewhere to sit relax and with air con!! We ended up at Richter's mainly due to there being something for everyone in our party. The decor of the restaurant fits in with the style of San Francisco, with a large attention to the little details.

The line was very short with many staff ready to take your order and ensuring that you are having a pleasant day. There was plenty of seating available for us, including outside and upstairs.

I enjoyed the chicken burger (I cannot remember its name) along with my first ever coke freestyle. The food was good and a normal portion size which filled me up! The chicken was cooked well and the burger was well assembled! I think we all spent more time looking through the different flavours than we did worrying about what we were going to order! I wish they would have coke freestyle in all of the eateries!! We enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant along with the large salad bar which you can enjoy with your meal.

We also enjoyed the location of the restaurant. After re-hydrating we went outside to look across the lagoon. This was a nice view and gave us a few minutes to enjoy the park without running around!! Also was a perfect picture opportunity for the family.

Rockin Burgers

May 24, 2014 by Universal Bob
Date Of Last Visit: 14 June 2013 

We enjoyed our Richter's Burger experience. I love the earthquake theme and it made it fun to eat there. Of course we got burgers and loaded them up at the Fixins Bar. This is the best part of the restaurant, has all the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and condiments you could want. The burgers were just ok but I still would recommend Richter's for a meal.


May 24, 2014 by Elysia Benn
Date Of Last Visit: November 10th 2013 

Upon every trip to Universal Studios from England, we always have to visit the Richter Burger Company. This is for 2 main reasons, reason number 1 is that my mum is completely addicted to the chilli cheese fries they sell here, she says they are the most delicious thing ever (this I cannot comment on as I do not like chilli, however we cannot get them in the UK so every trip she drags me to this precise location to scoff them!) Reason number 2 is that I absolutely adore the theming in there. It is meant to be based on the fact that it had been hit by an earthquake, the room is filled with photographs of actual earthquake scenes. I just think it is a real eye opener to someone like me who lives in the UK, where we are not prone to earthquakes, at just how much damage there can be. They used to have the quirkiest little extra where an alarm would go off and the staff would shout "EARTHQUAKE", then a minute or so later they'd shout "AFTERSHOCK!" I loved joining in with this and it made the restaurant fun, however the last 2 times I have been they haven't done it, hence the one deducted star. I also love the burgers here and the fact they have an "add as much as you like" salad bar to enhance your purchase. Also, the 100+ drinks machine is a real plus! Overall, we love this place!

everything I needed in lunch. Good food, quick and easy.

Aug 12, 2013 by Scot

I don't like taking a long time to eat while I'm in the parks so I typically do counter service places. This was great. They had burgers, fries and I got a drink. Loaded my burger with some veggie fixings so I could lie to myself I was semi eating healthy on my vacation and grabbed a seat to eat. It's not gourmet cuisine, but its a good burger place and doesn't feel like fast food. I will definitely eat here again.

Pickle Chips and Penguins!

Jul 19, 2013 by Richard Pilkington

I like this place for the Speed and the seating!...Lines are very quick..Staff was very friendly. We chit chatted with the drink girl while we waited for our food ( less than 10 minutes) Love the topping bar! The pickle chips are the best! if you sit in the furthest corner of the restaurant, there is some nice Japanese artwork...THe day we went was warm and all doors were open....When this happens the Universal pigeons can come to visit some areas...it can make some amusing bird watching moments....A member of the staff would then escort them out....and they would follow him right back in....Fun, quick and food is really good!

Quick and easy!

Jul 19, 2013 by coralann conn

Ate here during Halloween Horror Nights! Major lines but we got to the register to order fast...once the order was taken....they brought out our food VERY quickly....There is a condiments/ topping bar that provides lettuce, tomato and any ketchup, mustard you may need...They also have the freestyle coke machines here too....PLENTY of seating...Food is not Fantastic but it's not bad either....Perfect enough to fill your belly fast and on your way. Great quick bite to eat!

Just Ok

Jul 19, 2013 by Stephanie

When my family visits a Theme Park we expect high prices and OK food. I am not expecting to eat as if I am in a 5 star resort or even at a casual restaurant. This place pretty much matches our expectations. I would say we wouldn't eat there again, not because the food was horrible but because there are much better places to go.

When we visited we waited in a long line to get our burgers. The burgers were okay but they are not grilled fresh, it is the standard cafeteria style burger with standard toppings at the burger topping bar. Nothing elaborate, nothing special - a burger for a pretty high price tag. The biggest problem with this location was it was very busy. After we received our burgers, got our toppings, we couldn't find a place to sit. You have to scope out the location for a table, find someone to sit there and then go get your food. This will save time and patience - especially if you have 2 kids with 3 meals trying to scope out and grab a table.

Enjoyed Our Experience!

Jul 19, 2013 by Amber

We ate here during our vacation one day because no one could decide where to eat and this just happened to be the next place we came across, so we walked in the door. I wasn't expecting much, but I was surprised! The food was actually pretty good!

The best thing for me was they have a veggie burger and as I don't eat meat I was thrilled. My family said the regular hamburgers were great as well.

The topping bar was nice and the ingredients looked a tasted fresh, like they were changed often and not just left sitting there.

We sat outside and had a GREAT view of the lagoon, but I would NOT recommend sitting outside as there is quite a bit of birds in that area that have no problem landing on your table and stealing a french fry or two.

If you are looking for a place to eat, and in the mood for a good hamburger, then this is the place for you!

A Pleasant Surprise

Jul 19, 2013 by Molly Buckner

My first visit to this restaurant was pretty much a happy accident. My family and I were mostly wandering around waiting for the Cinematic Spectacular to start and just happened to walk into this restaurant. If you are looking for a good, fast food burger, this is a great place to go. We ended up getting another order of fries for all of us to munch on too!

If you are looking for a lowkey place to relax and have a good meal, I definitely recommend stopping by this restaurant. I wasn't a big fan on the theme, but with the great view from the outside tables, it made up for it!

Great Toppings Bar

Jul 15, 2013 by Nick Dakuginow

Each visit to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, my group and I visit Richter's at some point during the evening, and get their famous burgers. Their toppings bar is the best, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, condiments... LOAD that burger up!


Jul 13, 2013 by Giovanni Colon

This place is a must when you go to USF. The burgers are great and pretty good size. The fries are fantastic as well. The view of the lagoon is very nice too.

4.1 5.0 11 11 After a long enjoyable morning in Universal Studios, we had to find somewhere to sit relax and with air con!! We ended up at Richter's mainly due to there being something for every Richter's Burger Co.
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