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Mel’s Drive-In (quick-service)

Mel's Drive-In at Universal Studios Florida.

Mel's Drive-In at Universal Studios Florida.


Quick-service restaurant serving burgers, fries, and root beer floats.

Two sentence insider summary
Where were you in ’62? This local hot spot is pulled from the silver screen legend American Graffiti and serves up classic burger joint chow with jukeboxes at each table (and sometimes an entire rock ‘n roll band playing outside).

Entrees are $6 to $10 per person if paying a la carte.

Sample menu
Bacon Double Cheeseburger with Fries $9.89
Double Cheeseburger with Fries $9.19
Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries $7.09
Cheeseburger with Fries $6.29
Large Root Beer Float $3.99

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Hollywood backlot at Universal Studios Florida Mel's Drive-In Where were you in '62? This local hot spot is pulled from the silver screen legend American Graffiti. SKU UPC Model

Awesome Time

Aug 12, 2013 by David

Excellent food, great service, love seeing the classic cars out front. I can't wait to get back to Orlando so I can eat there again.


Let's do the Time Warp Again...

Jul 20, 2013 by Ann

For a great little piece of American history and nostalgia, check out this fun hangout! Looking and operating like it came straight out of the 60's, Mel's Drive-In is a great place to relax in a red vinyl booth, listen to some classic tunes, and share a chocolate milk shake with your sweetie.

The staff is courteous and fun, the music is always cranking my favorite hits from the 50's and 60's, and on select nights throughout September and October, the place is cleverly re-named "Mel's Die-In" through the use of some creative lighting choices with the neon sign out front.

Best of all-- the food is pretty good, too. I recommend the chocolate milk shake and onion rings. They're a can't miss.



Jul 19, 2013 by Sandra Cuss

We had a mini reunion at Universal Studios with my sister Karen and my nephew Luke, back in October of 2012. As the designated tour guide, it was up to me to make all the arrangements. Of course, that had to include where to eat! I chose Mel's Drive In for our lunch meal and I am glad I did. The atmosphere is just what you expect if you ever watched American Graffiti or Happy Days! We had a wonderful meal complete with chocolate milkshakes. Mel's has the best fries I've ever had!

The staff really gets into the feel of the period but it is what happened while we were eating that elevates my opinion of the staff.

As we sat down to eat, we noticed that someone had left behind a large photograph in the booth we chose. I gave the photo (one of those professional Universal photos that aren't exactly cheap) and watched as the employee sprinted out of the restaurant saying "I just saw them!" He didn't come back for more than 5 minutes but when he did, he said that he had located the people and they were very appreciative of his returning the picture, they hadn't even noticed it was missing!

That is the kind of people you want working here!


What's Not to Love

Jul 19, 2013 by Danielle

Mel's dine in has an amazing atmosphere for a theme park restaurant, It actually reminds me of a little diner in my hometown minus the theme park ordering system. The fries were delicious though, I haven't met a fry I don't like ;) and I also ordered the cheeseburger it was delicious especially for theme park standards. I have had some awful food none of that being at universal thank goodness. The food is prepared quickly and they even had a lady coming around checking on everyone. This place definitely will see my return business I mean good prices, good food, nice people its the epitome of what a theme park restaurant should be like.


Food Of the 50's!

Jul 19, 2013 by chip chism

You might think I am making this up but i am not. In the days before smart phones and social media and fee wifi everywhere people hung out in places and talked to each other. Back in the 50's one place kids hung out was the diner. Mel's Drive-in is a throwback to those great days. It's like stepping back in time. The food is pure classic Americana. I had the double cheese burger with fries. That's a meal I could get anywhere I imagine but I got it at Mel's.

If you have the time stop in, enjoy the food, look at the classic cars and the decor. Enjoy yourself. Put down the mobile device and pretend you have gone back in time to a simpler time. You might also consider greasing back your hair if you are a guy and putting on a nice poodle skirt if you are a lady. However, with the Florida heat greasy hair and poodle skirts might not be a good idea. Going to Mel's is a good idea. We went on Elvis Presley's birthday but any day is a great day to go.


Fantastic fifties!

Jul 19, 2013 by Shayla

Mel's Drive-In has the 50's theme down perfectly! When arriving it is clear through the theming and the genre what look it's going for, especially when travelling with the 'older generation' such as my mum (she won't be too pleased to see that) they walk in and immediately are taken back to their youth. The staff are all friendly and dressed in era appropriate clothing and are more than willing to help. The place is clean and welcoming, it provides an air conditioned spot to have a pit stop from the bustling street outside giving you a comfy sit down and a bite to eat - the restaurant serves the typical dineresque foods; cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, fries, onion rings and milkshakes. It is exactly what you are hoping for when you step from the modern day world back into the fashionable fifties! Table top juke boxes filled with the best golden oldies to reminisce about over your food with brilliant vintage items dotted around the building.

If you time it right you will even get a perfect spot to view the universal parade, while sitting in an air conditioned booth. The diner has a beautiful collection of old cars out the front that are kept in impeccable condition ready for you to do your best fifties babe impressions with - definitely a must do photo opportunity! Now by no means is this a top quality full service restaurant but if you are looking for a quick lunch in a great atmosphere then this is definitely the place to go!


Great Fries! Great food!

Jul 19, 2013 by John

We always go by, and take pictures of the classic cars, and great design of the beautiful exterior of Mel's Diner. But until now, havent actually eaten there. Boy are we glad we finally decided to stop in. Great classic american food, and the fries are amazing. The onion rings are definitely a treat you should get too. The staff was very friendly and the food was super tasty. The prices are very reasonable too. We highly recommend Mel's Diner to anyone who hasnt been there.


Mel's Chili Fries, Here We Come!

Jul 19, 2013 by Sasha Koenig

If anyone asks me where my family's favorite place is to dine at Universal Orlando our answer is always, "Mel's Diner!" The first time I visited Mel's we were in Orlando for the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We walked up to Mel's and my mouth dropped open, I felt like I was in American Graffiti! The music, the cars, the girl's in the pink silk jackets. This is the kind of place where the atmosphere is just as important as the food. Mel's is just too cool. Now when it comes to the food, I hope you are hungry. You will get so much! The chili cheese fries are my daughter's favorite. Their onion rings are outstanding and their burgers are delicious! We have never had a single thing here that wasn't tasty and cooked well. And the prices aren't bad either. I recommend getting the meal deal so you can go back more than once a day. You can't go wrong at Mel's!


Great place to eat

Jul 16, 2013 by Dana H.

This is a great place to eat. I love seeing the old cars in the front. They have great food and service. We have to eat there at least once every time we go to Universal Studios.


Mel's Drive-In

Jul 13, 2013 by Dallas Thompson

Back in May, I visited Universal Studios Florida on a field trip and ate at Mel's Drive in.

The theming was excellent and had great food. The cast memebers were nice, and the service was quick.


5.0 5.0 10 10 Excellent food, great service, love seeing the classic cars out front. I can't wait to get back to Orlando so I can eat there again. Mel's Drive-In

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