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HalloweenHorrorNights.com, Universal's official HHN website.

HalloweenHorrorNights.com, Universal’s official HHN website.

When purchasing tickets, Express Passes, and vacation packages for Halloween Horror Nights 21 at Universal Orlando, there are quite a few things to know. We are going to step through all the different options to make sure you get the best deal. Let’s start with the ticket options.



Want to see the HHN dates and times on one calendar with Universal Orlando’s regular operating hours? Be sure to check out the world’s FIRST & ONLY Universal Orlando crowd calendar. It’s got all the info you need!


Halloween Horror Nights 21 – general admission tickets

First and foremost it is important to understand that Halloween Horror Nights is a separately ticketed event. This means, one way or another, you have to purchase separate admission to the event. It is not included in regular admission to the Universal Orlando theme parks, like Mardi Gras is in the spring.

Guests who do not live in Florida and are not annual passholders will need to purchase general admission tickets if they want to go to Halloween Horror Nights (and only Halloween Horror Nights). These are the easiest to understand because they are the same price–$89.47 with tax per person–for everyone on any given date. Do remember, however, that when purchasing Halloween Horror Night tickets you do need to select the date of your visit.


Halloween Horror Nights 21 – Stay & Scream tickets

Guests traveling from around the world who want to visit Halloween Horror Nights can avoid paying full price by purchasing a Stay & Scream ticket. To get this discount you need to purchase a regular admission ticket, either a Base ticket or a Park-to-Park ticket, in addition to your HHN ticket. If you do so you can save $45 on a Sunday through Thursday HHN ticket, $30 on a Friday HHN ticket, or $15 on a Saturday HHN ticket. So, for example, if you were planning on going September 29, your HHN ticket with tax would be $41.55. Keep in mind that you also need to purchase a regular admission ticket. Note the warning:

The HHN webstore gives you a warning if you have a Stay & Scream ticket in your basket without a regular admission ticket.

The HHN webstore gives you a warning if you have a Stay & Scream ticket in your basket without a regular admission ticket.

Another benefit to purchasing a Stay & Scream ticket is that you get first dibs on the Haunted Houses. With the ticket you can actually stay inside Universal Studios Florida as they change it over from the daytime operations to Halloween Horror Nights (remember that Universal Studios Florida closes their daytime operations at 5:00pm to get ready for HHN, which starts at 6:30pm). Then, around 6:15pm, they will let you out of the holding area so you can jump right in line for a couple of the haunted houses.

Please note that you do not have to use your Stay & Scream Halloween Horror Nights ticket on the same day that you use your regular admission ticket. But you do have to purchase them together.


Halloween Horror Nights 21 – Florida resident discount tickets

The next round of discounts for Halloween Horror Nights is offered to Florida residents. If you come on a Sunday through Thursday night, you will save $40 per person for a total of $46.87 with tax.

Oh, and the UPC code for the Coke discount to purchase the ticket online? You can type in “coke” when prompted:

Use "coke" as the UPC code to get the Florida resident discount.

Use “coke” as the UPC code to get the Florida resident discount.

The discount for Florida residents on Fridays and Saturdays is just like Stay & Scream: $30 off and $15 off respectively.


Ready for the Florida Resident bombshell?

Unlike the Florida resident discount tickets for regular admission, in which each person using the ticket must be a Florida resident, for Halloween Horror Nights only the person making the purchase needs to be a Florida resident! So, if you don’t live in Florida but you know someone who does, see if they can hook you up.


Halloween Horror Nights 21 – annual passholder discount

Now this one gets a little confusing because the discount changes a lot depending on what specific date you choose. The big deal here is that Universal wants annual passholders to experience Halloween Horror Nights during the first few weeks, so we aren’t jamming up the lines when general admission folks are paying top dollar for their tickets.

So Universal offers us $45 off on the first three Fridays (September 23, 30 or October 7) or $40 off the first three Saturdays (September 24, October 1 or 8). This would give us a total of $46.87 with tax per person if, for example, we went on Saturday, October 24.

The discount for going Sunday through Thursday runs the entire length of Halloween Horror Nights, from September 29 through October 31, and passholders can get these tickets for $45 off the general admission price.

If passholders cannot go to Halloween Horror Nights in the first three weeks, they can still get a Friday and Saturday discount later on, which is $30 off and $15 off respectively.

One final note: annual passholders may purchase discount tickets for friends and family.


Halloween Horror Nights 21 – Express Passes

Now it is time for Universal Orlando to make some money! Just like regular Universal Express Passes, HHN Express Passes range in price from $42.59 with tax per person to $95.84 with tax per person. There are no discounts for Florida residents or annual passholders. Here is the full pricing schedule (please note that these prices do not include tax):

HHN 21 Express Pass pricing schedule.

HHN 21 Express Pass pricing schedule.

It is worth noting that these Express Passes are only good during Halloween Horror Nights (can’t use them during the day too), and they are good at each haunted house as well as the rides that are operating during HHN–one use per participating attraction.


HHN Express Pass tips – read this now

If you are going to Halloween Horror Nights and you are interested in Express Passes, you need to know these three things.

Number 1Express Passes for HHN sell out all the time, particularly when they are at $79.99 and $89.99. If you know you are going on those dates and you want Express Passes, BUY THEM NOW. And remember, you can purchase Express Passes separately. So don’t worry if you haven’t figured out what admission ticket you are getting.

Number 2 - You are as crazy as the characters in the haunted houses if you go to HHN on a peak night without an Express Pass. It is not a joke that the lines for the haunted houses get as long as three hours for the popular houses. That means you will see TWO houses in SIX hours. I always tell people over and over again: If you are going on a peak night, get Express Passes. Can’t afford them? Either go on another night or save your money this year and go next year with Express Passes!

Number 3 - The unlimited Express Pass access included with staying at the on-site hotels does not cover Halloween Horror Nights (or any other separately ticketed event). You have been warned.


Halloween Horror Nights 21 – Frequent Fear Passes

Frequent Fear passes are essentially seasonal passes just for Halloween Horror Nights. They come in a few different shapes and sizes, including different dates and some that include Express Pass access, so be careful that you are purchasing what you really want and read the small print.

It is important to note that FREQUENT FEAR PASSES ARE AN INCREDIBLE VALUE to anyone who can visit in September and who wants to go more than once. For example, the basic Frequent Fear pass is $89.47 with tax per person, and it includes 15 nights of access Sunday through Thursday, PLUS the first weekend. I’m not sure if you noticed this, but $89.47 is the exact same price as a one night general admission ticket! So basically, if you go the first weekend, you might as well purchase a Frequent Fear pass because you’ll pay the same amount, but you will get access for 14 more nights.

Universal took the savings one step further this year with the addition of the Rush of Fear pass. For only $76.69 with tax per person you can get access for every single event night for the first three weeks!


Where to buy tickets

I find it easiest to purchase tickets online at HalloweenHorrorNights.com/orlando. You can also call 1-888-HORROR-7 (467-7677). Either way, just be sure you buy your tickets at least 24 hours in advance to make sure you are getting the best discounts.


Thanks for reading this post. Please leave your questions and comments below!

Halloween Horror Nights 21

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