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Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue

Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue at Universal Studios Florida.

Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue at Universal Studios Florida.

San Francisco.

Restrictions and access
None; has Express Pass access.

Two sentence insider summary
USF’s classic monster rock ‘n roll show got a reboot in early 2014, and the new “Graveyard Mash-Up” now features an almost constant stream of classic pop & rock songs – and more dancers – making it feel like a 25-minute mega dance video (whereas the old show featured a storyline of sorts and a fair amount of interaction between the characters and the audience). Whether or not you welcome the change, there is still plenty of energy, on-stage talent, and rockin’ good times to make this a “must see” at least once.

Showtimes and other information
First show is usually around noon, and they occur every one and a half to two hours from there. Try to get to the show a little early for good seats.

Sample summer schedule
12:30pm, 1:45pm, 3:45pm, 5:00pm.

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New York backlot at Universal Studios Florida Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue This high-energy song and dance show lampoons pop culture with classic movie monsters. SKU UPC Model


Feb 26, 2014 by Patrick Cory
Date Of Last Visit: 2/25/14 

The format drops "I will survive" and "It's raining men" for newer and more fun tracks. New jokes and characters infuse sexiness and humor into the show in an all new way. The addition of the mute "ghosts" characters was a wise choice, these dancers catch a lot of air time and provide a visually stunning dance routine. The new dance routines are intense and the cast of the show rehearse overnight in many cases to be in top physical form. Give the show a chance, watch and recognize the hard work the cast has put forth for these new dance routines. Enjoy the show, IT'S SHOWTIME!


The show

Jan 04, 2014 by Pat sheridan
Date Of Last Visit: October2013 

We visit Florida 2/3 times a year and universal studios probably 3 times each visit. We visit the beetle juice show every time.
We never get tired of this show. It is corny but fun.the artists are energetic and enthusiastic. We love it and would not miss it for the world.
Having seen it over a number of years it will be fun to see the new show when it comes. We are sad but when you can sing every word in the show I think it is time for a change
Keep up the good work universal we will continue to be repeat visitors year after year


SO much fun!

Nov 09, 2013 by Samantha
Date Of Last Visit: 6/2013 

Just as great as I remember when I was a kid, but now I get his raunchy jokes! It's, funny, exciting, and makes you wanna dance. The actors are great, the songs kept up with the times, with a splash of classic put in. My 3 year old even got up to dance. Worth it to wait in line fore. And a nice shaded area for sitting for a bit.


Great music

Aug 12, 2013 by David H

Liked listening to all the music and watching the characters dance. Don't always catch the show at the right time. But manage to get back to see a later one. It is a must see for everyone.


Worth Checking Out

Jul 25, 2013 by Angel L.

"Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to the most Spooktacular revue performed in a graveyard, matter of fact, its the only revue ever performed in a graveyard". I know many people have not visited this show before and on my first visit I was wary of what the show would be like. I must say this show has proved to be one of my favorite at Universal Studios.

Every time I go to Universal I find myself sitting in the audience for this show more than once.


Great time!

Jul 06, 2013 by Amber S

The gentleman who greets you outside the show makes you want to see the show. He talks to you because he wants to not because he has to. As for the show itself the performers do a fabulous job. Beetlejuice and Wolfman do a fantastic job getting the crowd to join in. If you are visiting Universal, don't miss out on an incredible show!!


Hidden USF gem!

Jul 04, 2013 by Elle

This little show is a hidden gem of Universal Studios!!! I have visited Universal studios multiple times and I am visiting again in September and this is definitely on my to do list!

The first few times I visited US, I'll admit I ignored this show, writing it off as another space filling theme park show, despite the fact that I do adore the Beetle juice(Beetle juice, Beetle juice)film, only eventually going to see the show because of painfully long lines everywhere else. I am super glad that i did!

It's fun, surprisingly cheerful, (If a little cheesy)and full of songs that everybody knows and loves. Possibly a little scary or startlingly for very young children, but highly recommended for teens and adults!!

Great for a laugh and a sit down in the shade, especially in the summer months when its hot outside and the queues everywhere else are unbearable!!


Cheesy yet Entertaining

Jul 02, 2013 by Christina C

This is a great show if you are in to cheesy things.

I am queen of the cheese. I love High School Musical, actually pretty much any musicals, so how could I not love Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue?
On the other hand, my fiance is a NFL kind of guy and thought this was torture. However, you know which type of person you are and can plan accordingly whether you will enjoy this or not.

They are definitely lip syncing, but the dancing is upbeat and the show is fast paced. They sing pretty recognizable songs so you can sing along. There is also crowd interaction. The cast sometimes comes into the stands and calls out people in the crowd, which results in some hilarious exchanges.

There was definitely enough seating when we went, so do not worry about it being super crowded. They also let you in after it starts even though it might look like it from a distance.

After walking around the parks, watching this Revue is a much needed rest!


Good for a break

Jul 02, 2013 by Natalie

My son REALLY loves Beetlejuice, so we made sure to make time for this show.

The stage is spectacular- like something out of a horror movie. BJ (as they call him in the show, wink wink) comes out and is pretty funny. He introduces us to his horror movie friends- Dracula, Werewolf, Frankenstein, and Bride of Frankenstein, and two cheerleader zombie groupies of Beetlejuice, who wear a shirt that says, "We


its was a howling good time

Jul 01, 2013 by Alex Zapata

I went year walking by this show, I never found anything interesting about it. One day out of the blue I said lets kill sometime and just sit there and see how lame this show is.

I was wrong, this show is really entertaining, its got a lot of good dancing, good singing (well some singers are good, other are ehh) Song that we all love. If your an 80s rock kid you'll love this show.

Another great thing about this show is plenty of seating. No mater where you sit you have a good view of the stage, its pretty funny and you can tell that beetlejuice trys to keep up with current events. Also if your looking for a place to sit, out of the sun and just relax and be entertained this is it for you. So trust me guys don't just walk past it like did.


4.6 5.0 10 10 The format drops "I will survive" and "It's raining men" for newer and more fun tracks. New jokes and characters infuse sexiness and humor into the show in an all new way. The ad Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue

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