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Rumor SPOTLIGHT for October 9, 2014: Is Disney’s Flamingo Crossings hiding a fifth theme park?


The death – and new life – of Disney’s Flamingo Crossings Never heard of Flamingo Crossings? Don’t feel bad – it’s a dead-in-the-water development at Walt Disney World that has only been mentioned once here on the site (in a listing of dead Disney projects, appropriately enough). Here’s the scoop on the project: back in 2007, Disney announced with much fanfare the development of the brand-new “mixed-use tourist commercial district” that would be some 450 acres in size (that’s almost as big … [Read more...]

Rumor round-up for October 1, 2014: Censoring Halloween Horror Nights, CityWalk 3.0, and a sneak peek at 2015


The evolving – and ever-more-reactionary – nature of HHN This week, the Orlando Sentinel reports that a key element of the Bayou of Blood scare zone from Halloween Horror Nights 2014 has been ix-nayed: a mini-show performed every hour on the half-hour of an “innocent” individual being sacrificed by a voodoo queen and her zombie henchmen. On the one hand, such an alteration isn’t the biggest of deals – yes, even considering that the performance essentially forms the narrative and atmospheric … [Read more...]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for September 17, 2014: Disney’s Frozen obsession vs. Universal’s Harry Potter love affair


The news, although not even a week old, has already exploded across the theme park world like a thermonuclear blast: Disney is closing Maelstrom at Epcot’s Norway Pavilion to make way for the first-ever Frozen attraction. The move, of course, has been extraordinarily controversial, with many enthusiasts asking why more and more of Disney’s highly selective attention is being spent on integrating the animated film into nearly every one of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks (instead of, say, … [Read more...]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for September 10, 2014: Everything you want to know about Sapphire Falls Resort


In case you missed the surprise announcement yesterday morning of Universal’s fifth on-site hotel, Loews Sapphire Falls Resort, don’t you worry – we’re going to be analyzing it in-depth right now. And even if you’ve consumed the (brief) press release already, there are still some hidden nuggets to be unearthed and implications to be considered for all the rest of Universal Orlando. Who would’ve thought that one simple (but huge!) hotel would tip so much of Universal’s hand over the next three … [Read more...]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for September 3, 2014: King Kong, audio-animatronics, and Universal’s future

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Skull Island’s surprise development: It’s going retro A little over seven months ago, we all got our first glimpse at what the currently-under-construction Skull Island attraction will entail, from the queue to the ride vehicles to the finale. And although we have gotten some word on the new land’s opening date since then, not much else has worked its way out from the dark recesses of the rumor mill to either confirm or negate what was initially reported – until now. Orlando Park News has a … [Read more...]

Rumor round-up for August 27, 2014: Disney’s amazing new tech and a more intense Star Wars experience

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Brought to you by Disney Drones™ Who says Disney isn’t innovating anymore? Universal might be building Skull Island and developing a brand-new water park, but Disney is looking to push the very frontier of theme park design into a whole new direction – literally. According to Disney and More, Walt Disney Imagineering has filed new patents not even a week ago to utilize quadcopter drones in their parks in unpredictable – and surprisingly delightful – ways. Light shows First up is two … [Read more...]

Rumor round-up for August 20, 2014: Universal’s hotel expansion, millions more for Avatar, Ministry of Magic whispers


For this week's edition of the Rumor Round-Up, we're taking a page out of Harry Potter (no pun intended) and firing up the old crystal ball to try and divine what the future may hold for the biggest names in the Orlando themed world. Think of it as a tour of your near-future vacation. Let's get hopping, shall we?   2015: Royal Pacific Resort's expansion No, this isn't the rumored fifth hotel that is going next door in the empty plot of land in between Royal Pacific Resort and the … [Read more...]

Rumor round-up for August 13, 2014: Half of USF being replaced, Fast and the Furious, and more Potter

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Riding out Twister (and KidZone and San Fran)… for good Remember our recent conversation about just what might be Universal’s big new attraction for 2015? Orlando Theme Park News has a report out this week that just might help us solve the riddle – or, at the least, hone in our search for further clues. According to information purportedly leaked to the site from an Universal Team Member, it looks like Twister… Ride It Out is (finally!) on the chopping block: the employees stationed there … [Read more...]

Rumor round-up for August 5, 2014: A glimpse at Volcano Bay, Universal’s next top-secret project, and HHN heats up

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Volcano Bay coming into focus Universal’s brand-new water park may not be opening for some three or four years, but information continues to leak out at a steady trickle (not surprising, really, considering just how thoroughly the Springfield expansion and, of course, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley were spoiled months, if not years, before their debuts). This past weekend, EatingWDW casually dropped something of a bombshell, tweeting that a passenger on her flight had … [Read more...]

Rumor round-up for July 29, 2014: Skull Island opening date, Cabana Bay’s price hike, and Disney’s paper FastPasses return

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Figuring out Skull Island’s opening date Over the years, the San Diego Comic Con has not only grown exponentially larger, it’s also taken on the air of a mega-event like the Electronic Entertainment Expo, where big press conferences are held and major bombshells are dropped and (fanboy) lives are irrevocably changed. Also like E3, however, all this built-up hype tends to have a certain level of blowback, as many – if not most – companies either can’t or won’t play into the expectation game. … [Read more...]

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