Disney’s 2014 fall season: Halloween & Christmas parties, food festivals, marathons, and more

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From Labor Day to Thanksgiving, there’s a bounty of festive offerings at Walt Disney World to satisfy all tastes. With an art show, sporting events, annual holiday parties, concerts, and international food fest, the Vacation Kingdom is the place to celebrate the golden days of the harvest season. The fall lineup kicks off on September 1 with the popular Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, offering three extra nights of happy haunts. Here’s more:   Mickey’s Not-So-Scary … [Read more...]

Disney’s Hollywood Studios trip report – July 2014 (Frozen Summer Fun invades Disney!)


Do you wanna build a snowman? For the first time in forever, you can do just that at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! My family and I visited DHS to celebrate our son’s birthday and to experience the new Frozen Summer Fun occurring daily now through September 1, 2014. Near the entrance to the park, we saw a new large sand sculpture of Olaf, the loveable snowman from the Disney movie Frozen, and it helped set the mood for a cool day. After swiping our MagicBands, we were each given a … [Read more...]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for July 16, 2014: What if Universal buys SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment?


In case you missed the news last week, we’ve recently been hearing that Universal owner Comcast might want to buy SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment (which includes Busch Gardens and other parks across the U.S.). It isn’t nearly as farfetched as it might seem on first blush; Comcast, as noted in last week's Rumor Round-Up, has suddenly found itself inebriated with the themed industry, more than willing to drop half a billion dollars a year on upgrades and expansions for its American … [Read more...]

Orlando for beginners: Explore beyond the parks for some of Disney’s best dining

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“So, where’s the best place to eat while I’m at Disney?” It’s a favorite question on forums across the internet, partially because the dining options at Disney are diverse and, sometimes, daunting to vacationers. With all the choices Disney offers, the answers to the question are never quite the same, but some familiar favorites rise to the top every time: Le Cellier, Crystal Palace… But many times, those answers fail to consider one of the most important options in Disney dining: the … [Read more...]

Rumor round-up for July 11, 2014: Universal’s Volcano Bay water park, Disney expansions, and Comcast buying SeaWorld


Volcano Bay, the future, and you Three years ago, HHNRumors, of all sites, came across a trademark filling for a new water park called, oddly enough, WonderSea Island. Nothing ever came of the request – until last week, that is, when Parkscope noticed a new filling for something called Volcano Bay, which has to do with water attractions at Universal Orlando. It left the site guessing that it was either the new, updated name for WonderSea or simply one of the new park’s areas. When … [Read more...]

Orlando for beginners: Disney versus Universal in theming – which is best for you?

Magic Kingdom holiday decorations 2011.

Theming 101 There’s a reason they’re called theme parks. Since the legendary inspiration for Disneyland as Walt Disney watched his daughter on an amusement park carousel, the idea of a theme park has been centered around the notion of creating an environment, a unique place separate from the dangers and worries of the everyday world. That idea of being transported to a fantastical place has played a major role in the themed industry; it is part of what parks market, and it is a part of what … [Read more...]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for July 5, 2014: Why Star Wars Land is still delayed, and why you may not see Luke Skywalker there


Do you remember Star Wars Land, which was originally supposed to debut at Anaheim’s Disneyland in 2017 and at Orlando’s Hollywood Studios in 2018? The last we heard, some eight months ago, the entire project was indefinitely delayed, at the least, or outright scrapped, at the most. Well, just this week, Disney and More decided to take a look into the subject, and it came up with some rather interesting insights. The good news? Seeing Star Wars being installed at Disney resorts across the … [Read more...]

Fourth of July 2014 round-up: Universal, SeaWorld, Disney, LEGOLAND, Celebration Town Center, and Lake Eloa

Lego fireworks at LEGOLAND Florida

Universal Orlando This time of year, I get a lot of fans asking about Independence Day celebrations at Universal Orlando. This happens because Universal itself doesn't publish much of anything about the holiday. Well, unfortunately, there's a reason for that: Universal doesn't do anything special specifically to celebrate the Fourth of July. Now, don't get me wrong – I'm not saying you shouldn't go to Universal to enjoy the holiday. What I am saying is that the parks do not host new … [Read more...]

Orlando for beginners: Solo theme park adventuring the right way

Transformers: The Ride 3D at Universal Studios Florida.

Solo theme-park hopping is as taboo as Jack Sparrow voyaging through Islands of Adventure. Yet the joys of deep theme-park exploration are priceless – if you know how to do it right. There’s so much advice on the web about solo traveling to exotic places, but hardly anything to guide a frequent park goer. Being a self-proclaimed theme park hipster, I am known for grabbing my camera and making my way throughout the parks in Central Florida by myself. Why? Because I am single with no kids, and … [Read more...]

Disney vs. Universal over Marvel: The best theme park attraction you won’t see in the parks

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Guardians of the Galaxy, the tenth release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hits theaters on Friday, August 1. Nearly a month before that, however, it'll be stopping in at Anaheim's Disneyland and Orlando's Hollywood Studios for a special "sneak peek." Why does this matter? Beyond being a cogent attempt by Disney to actually start integrating the Marvel brand into its theme parks (you'd think that, after five years and $4 billion, the company would be doing something more than just temporary … [Read more...]

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