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How busy is Halloween Horror Nights on opening night – need Express Passes?

How busy is Halloween Horror Nights on opening night – need Express Passes?

Plan on going to Halloween Horror Nights 2012 with my wife on Sept. 21st (staying on site) and was wondering if I should get the express pass for the 1st night or wait until I get there and see how the crowds are? Do you think opening night is more crowded and express passes might run out or is it a “non-peak” night?



Opening night, despite being the first night the general public can get into HHN, is slow. Simply put, there just aren't a lot of folks in the Halloween spirit two weekends before October. So opening night is filled with people like me who need to do research and the truly diehard HHN fans. Basically everyone else waits until a little closer to Halloween. And while there will be a few lines for sure, I would not concern yourself with Express Passes at all unless you've got room in your budget and really don't like waiting. You shouldn't see queue times for the houses above 20 or 30 minutes, except perhaps The Walking Dead and Silent Hill -- so just be sure to go to those two as soon as the event opens or at the very end of the night.

This "lower crowd level" prediction is supported first by my personal experience -- I've gone to opening night of HHN the last three years. Second, it is supported by Universal's HHN Express Pass pricing. As you can see if you visit the link below, September 21st is one of only five days when HHN Express Passes sell at their least expensive price of $39.99:


Thanks for the question!

PS. Want to learn more? Our site has individual pages for the Halloween Horror Nights 2012 event overview & explanation, admission guide, scenes from HHN 2012, and all the haunted houses.

PPS. If you're only going for one night, then buying a single night admission ticket may be the obvious choice. However, for anyone who is considering going on opening night and other nights as well, the FREQUENT FEAR PASS and RUSH OF FEAR passes are an incredible value. For example, the basic Frequent Fear pass is $81.99 plus tax per person in advance, and it includes 15 nights of access Sunday through Thursday PLUS the first weekend. Since a general admission ticket is $88.99, that makes a Frequent Fear Pass $7 less expensive, and its only for one night! The Rush of Fear pass is an even better value with an advance price of $69.99. Visit our HHN admission guide to learn more.

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