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Does Aquatica have a rain day policy? Passholder discounts for Blue Man Group?

Does Aquatica have a rain day policy? Passholder discounts for Blue Man Group?

My family and I are planning a trip to USF and IOA the first week of May and staying at the Portofino Hotel for the vacation. We plan on spending a couple of days at SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens. We’ve got questions about Aquatica and Blue Man Group questions.

First, we plan to spend one day at Aquatica and would like to rent a cabana for the day. I was wondering what happens when there is a significant rain storm that closes the park for the day. Does Aquatica have a policy for rain – do we lose the cost of the cabana for the day or could we get a “rain check” or nothing at all?

Our second question is about the Blue Man Group. Do you know what kind of discounts are available for Universal Annual Pass Holders? Does it make sense to buy these tickets in advance or can the concierge help us get the tickets after we arrive.

Any help would be really great – this site has been a wonderful help in our trip planning so far. Thanks in advance!


Does Aquatica have a policy for rain?

Aquatica, like all the water parks and theme parks in Orlando, does not have a rain day policy. This means that rainy days fall under their general policy, which is No Refunds. The idea behind this is that it very rarely rains all day in Orlando, making it unnecessary to go through the complications of such a policy, and deciding what is enough rain to qualify as a rain day, is cloudy weather just as bad as a rain day, etc.

So, if you simply do not show up on the day in question because of the weather, you will forfeit your cabana rental (and admission ticket if you never end up using it). However, that's if you don't do anything. If you were to get on the phone with Guest Services (1-888-800-5447), I have a very good feeling that they will work with you. I'm not saying you'll easily be able to get a full refund. But, assuming there is cabana availability (which shouldn't be a problem in May), they should switch days for you without a problem. But of course this is at the discretion of the park, done on a case-by-case basis, so you'd really need to check with them directly. Whatever you do, if you think your plans are going to change because of weather, try to call 24 hours in advance to reschedule or request a refund.

I'd recommend that you purchase your admission tickets and cabana rental over the phone too (1-888-800-5447). Then you can have a discussion with the agent about weather. That way, you will have a name if you do end up having to call back and try to change the date or ask for a refund. In addition, the agent really should be noting your order with the questions you asked and the answers the agent provided. This can just be a much smoother experience, should issues crop up down the road, versus buying your tickets and reserving the cabana online.

First time going to Aquatica? Check out this review by OI contributor Julie.

Blue Man Group - do you know what kind of discounts are available for Universal Annual Pass Holders?

Yes, Preferred and Premier Passholders receive 20 percent off adult, Tier 1 Blue Man Group tickets for up to six guests. I don't have an exact price for you because they can change daily based on demand. You can purchase tickets over the phone at 407.BLUEMAN or online. Again, I'd recommend calling, because I just went through the process online and I was actually getting cheaper pricing going through the regular link (from this page) than when I used the Annual Passholder link (from this page).

And yes, you should purchase your tickets as soon as you know for sure you want to go. The Blue Man Group theater is fairly small, so it is tough to get a bad seat. Nevertheless, it is always fun to be close and in the center, so you might as well get your tickets and seat reservations as soon as you know you want to go.

By the way, if you haven't seen it already, definitely check out this review of the Blue Man Group show by OI contributor Blaine. Thanks for the great questions!



Thank you so much for the information - we are leaving in a a couple of days and I can only say that it's been EXCELLENT knowing that I have this site and you as a resource in planning!!

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