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What are all of those little lizards everywhere?

What are all of those little lizards everywhere?

My wife and I just went to Disney at the beginning of August and got married at the wedding pavilion at the Grand Floridian. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge during our week there. At the AKL we noticed all of these little lizards running around outside that were really neat. I thought these were just at the AKL since of the atmosphere there but when we went to the wedding pavilion at the Grand Floridian, they were there also. What are these little guys? They are really neat. I live in Norther VA near D.C. and I have never seen a lizard outside of a pet store. Thanks!


This question definitely falls outside my area of expertise... so here's the best answer I found with a little digging around online:

"Lizards make up one of the most diverse and successful groups of modern reptiles. Many people fear lizards out of misunderstanding. Too often lizards have been overlooked as valuable contributors to the environment. Do not be afraid or concerned about their abundance. The lizards of South Florida feed mostly on insects and other small invertebrates, making them economically important to man as natural pest controls. More important still is their ecological role as predators and prey. The survival of many larger lizards, birds, mammals, and snakes is dependent on the availability of lizards as food. They are an essential element in the balance of nature. Let me acquaint you with a few of the native lizards so you can enjoy watching them.

"Anoles are the most commonly seen lizard in Florida. Most people call anoles "chameleons" due to the green anole’s ability to change color. In fact, anoles are only distantly related to the chameleon, and are more closely related to the iguana. Anoles are small lizards that are adapted for climbing trees, shrubs, fences, and walls. They are frequently seen basking in the sun or hunting insects around homes. Male anoles have a large throat fan that is often displayed, along with "push-ups" and head bobbing behaviors when they court or defend territories. The only Florida native anole is the green anole. It is five to eight inches long and can change from green to brown. It can be distinguished from exotic anoles by its long pointed snout and the pinkish throat fan (on males)."

If you'd like to read more, head over to: http://www.felid.org/activities/page_45.htm

You can see some pictures of Florida lizards here: http://www.wildflorida.com/florida_lizards.php

One thing is for certain, these little guys are everywhere. But it sounds like they do some good for us humans, and they are pretty cute!

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Thanks for the question!

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