Dinner, drinks and a movie: Orlando movie theatre dine-in options are growing

Dinner, drinks and a movie: Orlando movie theatre dine-in options are growing

Update 5/26/11

AMC Fork & Screen at Downtown Disney is now open: Full review and photo gallery


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It would seem that the times they are a’changing in the world of cinema entertainment.  Once upon a time it was enough to go to the movies and grab a bucket of popcorn swimming in butter.  Nowadays guests demand more of everything, and Orlando movie theatres are happy to provide with a growing selection of dine-in options.

Enzian Theatre and Eden Bar

Enzian Theatre.

Enzian Theatre.

Orlando currently has only one dine-in theatre, the local favorite Enzian.  Their website states it best: “Enzian is a unique movie-going experience. As Central Florida’s only full-time, non-for-profit alternative cinema, Enzian exists to entertain, inspire, educate, and connect the community through film. For more than 25 years Enzian has championed the belief that ‘Film Is Art.'”

Inside Enzian

Inside Enzian.

For dining, you can belly up to Enzien’s outdoor venue called Eden Bar.  They serve a variety of specialty drinks and food selections in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

When it is movie time guests enter a theatre uniquely arranged to take advantage

of Enzian’s signature dine-in service.

As one of the best locations in Orlando to take in the local flavor, Enzian provides thought-provoking cinema, enough drinks to help you understand, and a hunger-satisfying meal to make it all better.

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Eden Bar on Urbanspoon

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Official websites: Enzian and  Eden Bar

Yelp reviews: Enzian and Eden Bar

Plaza Cinema Cafe 12

Plaza Cinema Cafe 12

Plaza Cinema Cafe 12 in Downtown Orlando.

If you’re looking for a dine-in experience with more mainstream blockbusters, allow me to introduce Plaza Cinema in downtown Orlando.  While not technically a dine-in theatre, Plaza Cinema is about as close as you can come without having a server at your chair.  And it’ll get you out of the parks to experience a new area of Orlando.

Its concession stand features a full menu, bar, wine, and all the usual treats.  However, the theatres themselves have standard stadium seating.  Use the links below to learn more.

Update: Cobb Theatres recently purchased this venue.  The company currently has what they call CineBistros for the true dine-in experience in two other Florida movie theatres.  Perhaps we’ll see one of these open at the Plaza sometime in the future.

Plaza Cinema Café 12 - Cobb Theatres on Urbanspoon

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Official website

Yelp reviews

AMC Downtown Disney 24 and Dine-In Theatres

Inside Fork and Screen

Guests enjoy a preview of Fork and Screen (in a different city).

The biggest news in the Orlando dine-in movie theatre scene is the soon to be opening AMC Downtown Disney 24 and Dine-In Theatres.  Currently under renovation (although you can still see movies there in the regular theatres), this upgraded venue is expected to open in May 2011.  It will feature what AMC calls Fork and Screen, “a fusion of the movie and restaurant experience.

With a huge menu and innovative service–your server is just a push of a button away–this will be a welcomed addition to Downtown Disney, an area which has certainly lost some of its luster over the past few years.

OI tip Can’t wait for Fork and Screen?  The Downtown Disney AMC has already opened up an expanded concession stand and companion full bar called MacGuffins.  Or you can visit the full bar at Universal’s AMC Cineplex 20 with IMAX.

MacGuffins Bar

The new MacGuffins bar adjacent to the concession stand.

I’ll see ya at Downtown Disney in May!

Official website

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